Robotic Fuelling Systems and Automation Solutions

We present you a selection of our main products, all of them are robotic systems combined with vision technology for different field applications. Our main products and focus are currently robotic fuelling systems however, Rotec has experience in the other fields of advanced robotics.   • These products may be a result of our own projects or collaborations with third parties. We also develop solely for the principal costumer, with all patents and results belonging to our principal costumer. • We do not always share detailed information about the products. Some clients do not want to share information about their products/projects, so we do not publish this on our website. Another reason might be because of copyrights or patent laws. If you are interested in any of our products feel free to contact us

Robotic Fuelling System (RFS)

With our experience gained during the Tankpitstop project, we raise the bar even higher: The first Robotic Fuelling System for mining trucks, trains, straddle carriers and AGV’s with fuelling speeds up to 1200 liters per minute. The goal a safe, efficient and environment-friendly fuelling process. Rotec wants to commit to these important targets ……

Automated LNG Fuelling System

The LNG Pilots is a project launched and sponsored by the European Government to promote the introduction of LNG as a fuel for the transport sector. The system was designed initially by Rotec in order to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) to transport trucks in automatic stations across roads. However, the system can be expanded and modified to be used for all sort of pressurized and non-pressurized fuels.

Automated Car Fuelling Station

During a visit to Rotec, Mr. N. van Staveren (owner and director of the company Van Staveren) started wondering why we are still manually refuelling our cars when this can be done automatically. Reason enough for Rotec to seriously investigate this. In close collaboration with Van Staveren, this led to the first operational refueling robot for passenger cars.