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About us

Rotec Engineering B.V. and Rotec Special Projects B.V.  are engineering companies specialized in designing and developing advanced robotics. We design innovative and leading products and solutions based on your idea or wish. Both our developers and our engineers have extensive technological expertise in the field of robotics and 3D vision technology. A subproject by Rotec can also provide a solution for less advanced issues and ideas. For instance by making a standard sensor somewhat more intelligent with custom-made software. We can also build a machine with some features controlled by a standard PLC or a custom-made software suite (simple or very comprehensive). Of course we are also at your service for adjustments or improvements to your existing machines. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us

It always starts with an idea

An entrepeneur that has well proven its worth in the robotics industry with experienced engineers, founded Rotec in 2004. The Pilot was an idea of a local entrepreneur to develop a refuelling robot. Rotec has successfully converted this idea into the Tankpitstop. The first fully automatic refuelling robot in the world !

Several projects, including milkingrobots and automation of milking parlours would soon follow. Rotec Engineering B.V. and Rotec Special Projects B.V., based in Emmeloord, has grown into a strong team of experienced, creative and passionate people who have all technical expertise required to automate an idea.

Passion for robotics is a common good at Rotec. Throughout the team you can clearly sense the developing spirit. The thirst for knowledge and the tremendous commitment of the employees leads to fast and vigorous solutions.

geautomatiseerde tankstations eerste onthulling
Vision systems

Work method

Do you ever wonder if your idea could be realized? Rotec is happy to help you realize it.

Every project consists of roughly 3 phases; Advising, development and implementation. Before anything else, ideas are always first submitted to a feasibility study. Based on this study, an assessment will be made on whether or not your idea / wish is technologically feasible. This study forms the basis of our development process and will give you a solid idea on how the development process will unfold, how long it will take and what costs to expect.

During development, our employees combine their knowledge of design, materials, production techniques, programming and technical drawing to reach an optimal result. Subsequently, the implementation phase begins, in which we start off with building a prototype to verify the design with reality. When our principal takes the result into production, it does not end there for us; we supply excellent support to optimally convey the often complex products and specialist knowledge to the mechanics that will build and maintain the systems in the field.

Every phase is discussed and evaluated extensively. We believe it to be extremely important to realize a product in collaboration with the customer. We need your input to be able to apply our expertise to the fullest extent for the development of your product. With us, you won’t find any long and complex reports and extensive consultative structures, you’ll get brief and clear elaborations. Always with one assigment contact.


According to Deputy Jan-Nico Appelman, the targets of the TMI-arrangement have been exceeded by Rotec. “Not only has this company realized beautiful innovations, employment has been boosted as well.”

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