LNG Fueling Robot

The project LNG Pilots started early 2016 to support the introduction of LNG as fuel for the transportation industry. An important goal of the project is to remove obstacles which can frustrate the introduction of LNG as a transition fuel for the future. In this project, Rotec Engineering B.V. is responsible for the development of an LNG fueling robot. Most important goal of the system is to remove safety issues, procedural obstacles and mechanical failure of sensitive equipment currently happening under manual operation.

The LNG fueling robot must work with trucks at a LNG fueling station. When the truck arrives it needs to be recognized by the system. After this, interaction between the driver and the fueling robot must allow the driver to position his truck. Finally, the fueling robot must be able to find the receiver at the fuel tank, after which it has to make a correct connection between dispenser and fuel tank. Mid-2019 there must be two proven robot prototypes. One installed in Germany and one in the Netherlands.

Manual LNG fueling

Automatic refueling concept