Vision Technology

Rotec has an extensive expertise in the area of 3D Vision Technology, a collection of techniques to detect and/or check objects in a space. This is comparable to what our eyes do for us.

There are several types of Vision technology. Think of:

  • Time of flight (dependent on returning light sent under an angle and within a certain time
  • Triangulation  (dependent on returning light sent under a certain angle)
  • Stereo Vision (dependent on the difference between two images, which are dependent on two cameras placed in an angle in relation to each other)

Every application of vision technology requires a different approach. This approach is always determined by carefully weighing the pros and cons of the various techniques.
Think of environmental circumstances like surrounding light and dust particles (limited sight), as well as the required accuracy of the system and the necessary 3D data. Rotec always tries to prevent making a system unnecessarily complex.