Technical drawings

The importance of technical drawings are great. All measurements and specifications should be documented precisely and unambiguously according to applying norms and regulations.
This prevents problems in production and later in the field.

Rotec uses the 3D drawing software Creo Elements/Direct Modeling for mechanical engineering drawings. Because few relations have to be made in this software, it is pre-eminently suited for the development of new products. This approach makes it possible to work out a concept or a product very quickly. Furthermore, it is simple to make changes in a far advanced stage of development. These changes are often cumbersome to make in other software. After approval of the 3D drawings, these are turned into 2D production drawings. These may be:

  • Cutting drawings
  • Rotation and milling cutter drawings
  • Welding drawings
  • Plating results
  • Composition drawings

Electro technical drawings are done in E-plan, a worldwide leading E-CAD solution. With this, we make our:

  • Overview schemes
  • Design schemes
  • Wiring schemes
  • Connection schemes