A robot arm is a mechanical manipulator with similar functionality as a human arm. A collective term for this is also robotics. A robot arm consists of a number of segments that are connected by hinges, between which translations and/or rotations are possible. These parts together form a kinematic chain. The way in which the parts are connected to each other and the way the parts can move determine the degrees of freedom of the robot arm. The tool with which the robot can perform a task, like grabbing or rotating something, is located at the end of the robot arm. A robot arm is moved by driving the actuators (like electro motors). Inverse kinematics is used to calculate how the actuators should be driven if one wants to move the tool at the end of the robot arm to a certain position and orientation. Moving a robot arm is part of movement planning. A robot arm can be driven manually with a control panel or a robot arm can be programmed to perform tasks independently. Robotics is an essential part within Rotec in order to perform a task after detection with 3D Vision

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