Mining automation

Open pit mining is a form of mining where digging up minerals is done in a pit on the surface. Open pit mining is applied when minerals are relatively close to the surface and where the material not dug up cannot carry the weight of the top layer. This way of digging is also applied because it is a safer method than the traditional way of digging. The scale at which this is happening can amount to pits of many square miles. The largest open pit mines are found in the United States, Canada, Chili, South Africa and Australia. In most open pit mines, minerals are dug with a shovel or dragline. The rough material is then carried away with mining trucks, also called rigid dump trucks. These massive dump trucks can carry up to 400 tons of material in one load and have the size of a semi-detached house. Open pit mining has a lot of mining automation oppurtunities. Rotec Special Projects helps his customers with these mining automation issues.