Wiggins nozzle VR300

The Wiggins nozzle VR300 is designed for use with very large off highway vehicles, the Wiggins VR300 system is designed to deliver fuel at rates up to 300 gallons per minute.

Wiggins nozzle VR300 features:
– Non-Pressurized shut-off
– Tank cannot be overfilled
– Optional Vapor recovery
– Direct or remote mounting
– Maximum spillage 3cc each filling

How does the Wiggins Nozzle VR300 works?

The nozzle and receiver mate using bayonet lugs. A 30 degree turn locks and seals the two mating components. The nozzle actuating handle will not move unless the nozzle has been attached and locked onto the receiver. The nozzle actuating handle is rotated upward to the “ON” position which opens the receivers first fuel gate. Fuel flows in to the receiver and flows through a pipe to the Jet sensor which is accomodated in the fuel tank. A second pipe brings the pressurized fuel back tot the receiver which opens the second main fuel gate in the receiver. Fuel fills the tank with a rate up to 300 gallons per minute. When fuel level reaches the jet sensor, the pressure maintaining the open position of the main fuel gate is eliminated. A return spring closes the main gate and fuel ceases to flow into the tank. Pressurized fuel is now forced in to the Poppet chamber of the nozzle which closes the first fuel gate of the receiver. Now the nozzle actuating handle can be rotated to the “OFF”position and the nozzle can be rotated with a 30 degree turn of the receiver.