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Robotics combined with Vision technology…

That is our specialty

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Our companies design and develop advanced robotics for both industrial and non-industrial applications.

Robotics combined with Vision technology…  That is our specialty

Rotec Engineering and Rotec Special Projects are happy to be your partner in the design and development of advanced robotics. Our robots come standard with the so-called vision technology system, technology that comes naturally to us humans; eye-hand coordination. This allows our robots to anticipate at unexpected situations. A great step forward.

It always starts with an idea

Before we materialize an idea, we always conduct a feasibility study in which we investigate whether the design is technologically feasible. No comprehensive consultative structures and complex lengthy reports. What we do have is a professional customized advice, creative ideas and an always innovative development. Rotec Engineering designs and develops advanced robotics for both industrial and non-industrial applications.

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LNG fueling

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3D vision camera Mesa 4000

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