Where can you find us

Rotec Engineering and Rotec Special Projects are located at the Verlengde Gildenweg 30 in Emmeloord, a two minute drive from exit 14 at the A6. You can reach us during office hours at +31 (0) 527 618442, and by e-mail at: info@rotec-engineering.nl. You can also send us your question or comment by filling out the contact form. We will answer your question as soon as possible.


Contact information

Rotec Engineering B.V.
KvK   390 612 44

Rotec Special Projects B.V.
KvK   320 984 29

Verlengde Gildenweg 30
8304 BK Emmeloord
The Netherlands

T   +31 527 618442
E   info@rotec-engineering.nl

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When can you reach us

From Monday until Friday between 8 am and 5 pm


Welcome to 4 meters below sea level

Emmeloord is situated at the center of the Noordoostpolder. The history of the Noordoostpolder is still very young. In 1918, the Dutch government decided to partially impolder the former Zuiderzee. One part of this was the Noordoostpolder, an area of 48.000 hectares, which officially fell dry on September 9, 1942. This new land was cultivated, organized and developed in a rapid pace. In 1962, the Noordoostpolder officially became a municipality. During the Zuiderzee works, a total of 165.000 hectares of land was impoldered. These works are among the largest hydraulic engineering projects ever executed.