Shaw Development Pitstop distributor

On the Conexpo in Las Vegas, Kevin Hawkesworth and Henk Hofman confirm the cooperation between Shaw and Rotec.
Shaw Development LLC, located in Florida US, will act as distributor for Rotec Special Projects b.v. for the Pitstop Robotic Fueling System (RFS). Shaw Development will do the commercial and also the technical support on location, using their global distribution network.
The experience of Shaw Development with fast fueling systems in the mining industry and knowledge of the global market makes Shaw Development a valuable Pitstop distributor.

The expertises of both companies create a strong team, in the further development and market introduction of the autonomous robot fueling technology.

LNG fueling robot concept

LNG fueling

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)

Natural gas is considered the cleanest fossil fuel, because there is relatively the least amount of CO2 released during combustion. Unfortunately, it is the transportation and distribution of natural gas which makes it quite inefficient for the transportation sector to use because of the large volume of the medium. By cooling natural gas to cryogenic temperatures of approximately -162° C, the volume will decrease with a factor 600. The final product is then called Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

LNG Fueling

The introduction of LNG as a new fuel for the transport sector brings several technological challenges. An important challenge is the LNG fueling process. Compared to diesel filling this procedure is more complex and more dangerous because of the extreme temperatures. Because of this, only drivers who have received instruction and a certificate are authorized to LNG fueling in self-service stations. An additional problem is the difference between operator’s instructions and procedures between self-filling LNG stations.

Automated fueling of LNG

In order to solve these problems Rotec Engineering B.V. is asked to develop a robotic LNG fueling system for a vehicle tank. It should also incorporate automated billing with the aid of RFiD recognition. Never before has a robotic filling system been developed for LNG. This development can provide significant benefits for ease of use, efficiency and safety and thereby facilitate the acceptance of Liquefied Natural Gas as a fuel. Before mid-2019 there must be two proven robot prototypes. One installed in Germany and one in the Netherlands.

LNG Pilots project

This project is part of a larger project “LNG Pilots”. This project aims to develop more products and processes and innovations in the field of CO2 reducing technologies. The project involves a total of 36 organizations of which 29 SME companies, two large companies, five universities and institutes, and three clusters.

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June 14-16 UNITI expo at the Messe Stuttgart

From the 14th of June until the 16th of June Rotec Engineering and Fuelservant will attend on the UNITI expo at the Messe Stuttgart. Fuelservant is seller of automatic systems for refueling private cars. For the technical expertise they approached Rotec Engineering end 2015 for their technical expertise in this matter. This resulted in a partnership between the two companies. A fully operationeel demo system is visible in hall 5 booth number B61.

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Expomin 2016 Santiago Chile World Mining Exhibition

From April 25 – April 29 2016 we participated at the fourteenth edition of the World Mining Exhibition Expomin. The fair  in Santiago Chile is the most important mining exhibition in Latin America. For us and our agent WSdata3D an important opportunity to meet many interested people for the Robotic Fueling System (RFS).

RFS operational at largest copper mine in northern Chile

Rotec Special Projects installed, in conjunction with WSdatat3D, a Robotic Fueling System in a copper mine in the northern part of Chile. It is the first of six systems in this region at an altitude of 3000 meters in the Atacama Desert. The system is now fueling Caterpillar 797B rigid dump trucks with a fueling speed up to 300 GPM. Soon Caterpillar 797F / 793 and Komatsu 930 / 960 will added to the system.

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WSdata3D RFS Pitstop distributor in Chile

WSdata3D located in Santiago wil be the distributor for Rotec Special Projects to market the Robotic Fueling System (RFS) in Chile. WSdata3D will be our contact in the region for commercial matters and will also provide the technical support on the ground. The expertise of WSdata3D in the mining industry and the feeling with the local market, supplemented with the know-how of Rotec Special Project in the field of robotic fueling systems, offer a lot of opportunities in the near future.


Prosperous trial with RFS at Thiess in Western Australia

From April 8 – April 19 2015, Thiess in conjunction with Rotec Engineering conducted trials on the Rotec Engineering Robotic Fueling System for mining trucks. Tests were completed utilising Caterpillar 785C and Caterpillar 793F haul trucks in Perth and at a Pilbara mine site. A practical demonstration was successfully completed at Thiess’ Hazelmere facility in Perth with invited industry representatives on 10 April. During this demonstration a Caterpillar 785C was driven into position and a simulated refuelling process was successfully initiated over multiple operations. On-site demonstrations were conducted at the Pilbara mine site from 15-19 April. During the site tests, Caterpillar 793Fs were used for both simulated and actual refuelling tests. The unit successfully connected and refuelled 793 dump trucks in conditions including daylight, rain, night and high frequency passes. Connection time for the unit in practical operation is approx. 55 sec from activation with disconnection taking approx. 15 sec.

The following video shows the Robotic Fueling System connecting to a 793F dump truck.

Thiess and Rotec Engineering are continuing development of the refuelling module for an updated release in the near future.

refueling robot

First Robotic Fueling System (RFS) for mining trucks

Introduction of the first Robotic Fueling System for mining trucks, trains, straddle carriers and AGV’s with fueling speeds up to 150 GPM. The goal:  a safe, efficient and environment-friendly fueling process. Tests were conducted at a rock equavation site in Quenast Belgium.