Automated milking parlours

Mastitis is an inflammation of the lacteal gland in the cow’s teats. This is the most common health problem in dairy farms. Mastitis is a very painful affliction for the cow and drastically reduces milk release. The composition of the milk changes as well. To prevent this infection, the teats are treated with a germicide manually after milking. Rotec Engineering’s roots are in agricultural automation. With over 40 years of experience in this field, automation of rotating milking stables was a logical result. Rotec Engineering developed an unique spraying robot for our principal, which is situated outside of the rotating milking stable. The robot moves in between the hind legs of the cow and sprays a fine mist of spraying agent on the teats of the cow. This happens immediately after milking. At that moment, the closing holes of the teats are still open and the risk of contamination is highest. An ingenious 3D vision algorithm finds the teats. The cow turns around and leaves the rotor to return to the herd. The spraying robot is interchangeable with almost every type/brand outside milker and it is only connected with the emergency stop circuit of the outside milker and an encoder on the rotating crown. Rotec Engineering is also active in more aspects of rotating milking stable automation.

Draaimelkstal automatisering voor onze opdrachtgevers