Automation is a passion

We proudly present you a selection of our projects. Unfortunately, we cannot show you everything. Projects are often kept confidential or we do not share information out of respect for our principal’s interests. Our projects are always aimed at automation and robotics in combination with 3D vision technology. These may be our own projects or collaborations with third parties. Collaborations can be a shared participation in a project, but we also develop solely for the principal, with all patents and results belonging to our principal. With Rotec, collaboration should always be profitable for all parties concerned. Only then a long term positive result is feasible. Would you like to have something automated or would you like information about the possibilities? Please contact us.

automatiseren van brandstof tanken voor trucks

Robotic Fueling System (RFS)

With our experience gained during the Tankpitstop project, we raise the bar even higher: The first Robotic Fueling System for mining trucks, trains, straddle carriers and AGV’s with fueling speeds up to 300 GPM. The goal  a safe, efficient and environment-friendly fuelling process. Rotec Special Projects wants to commit to these  important targets ……

automatiseren personenvoertuigen tanken

Automated car fueling station

During a visit to Rotec, Mr. N. van Staveren (owner and director of the company Van Staveren) started wondering why we are still manually refueling our cars when this can be done automatically. Reason enough for Rotec Special Projects to seriously investigate this. In close collaboration with Van Staveren, this led to the first operational refueling robot for passenger cars.

Melkrobot melkt koeien met voordelen voor het dier en de boer

Voluntary milking system

For one of our principals, Rotec Engineering has developed a revolutionary robotized milking system. The stated objective was a product that would immediately distinguish our principal from the competition. This resulted in an unique idea to milk the cows not from the side but from the back…

Draaimelkstal automatisering voor onze opdrachtgevers

Automation of a rotating milking parlor

Mastitis is an inflammation of the lacteal gland in the teat of a cow. This is the most common health problem in dairy farms. Mastitis is a very painful affliction, which diminishes the milk supply. To prevent this infection, the teat are manually treated with a germicide after milking. Rotec Engineering was responsible for the automation of this process along a rotating milking stable…..